Curry Todd: Basketball Phenom

Curry Todd is proud to be a member of the Alumni for the University of Memphis. He played basketball while there which was great considering he had scholarship offers from 188 colleges from all over the country. He was a Parade All-American in High School and worked hard to become better every day. Today, Curry Todd continues to support sports in Tennessee as well as in his district.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

While in High School, Curry Todd attended Treadwell High School in Memphis Tennessee. He was voted MR Treadwell while there, because of his incredible basketball prowess. He was also voted as the Tennessee Player of the year and Shelby County Player of the Year. As a freshman in High School Curry Todd made the all Memphis basketball team. He made the all Memphis basketball team for 4 straight years and to this day is the only player to do so. He also made the All Shelby Team 3 years.

Curry Todd averaged 30 points a game as a senior and so it is understandable that he was voted Tennessee Player of the year. It also then makes some sense that he was recruited so heavily and by some of the best programs in the country including Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina, Duke, Georgetown, Louisville, the University of Tennessee, and many more. These colleges all had one thing in common. They knew that Curry Todd was a great basketball player. Curry Todd chose to bypass all of those storied schools and instead he attended his hometown School in Memphis Where he averaged 16 points a game.


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