Curry Todd: Visit East Shelby

Curry Todd is a member of the Tennessee State House of Representatives, and he represents East Shelby County. He is very proud of the History of His County and Encourages visitors to come see some of the many attractions located there. Whether you stop by one of the many great lakes or do some shopping in the Collierville town center, there is many great places to enjoy.

One of the great places to go in the district is the W. C. Johnson Park. The park has many great lakes and playgrounds as well as ball fields. Many people going to the park go there for the Giant Water Spray Park. It is a number of different artistic expressions that re made up of various pieces of equipment that spray water. Although it is only for children, it is a great destination for people of all ages.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

Another great event is the Fair on the Square. Held every year during the first weekend in May, this event has been running for almost 40 years and is a huge draw for people from all over the country. The Fair is a fundraising fair at puts all profits from the fair into domestic and foreign humanitarian programs. The great part is it also gives school, civic organizations, and church’s a great opportunity for fundraising.

Whether you are interested in seeing the famed Wolf River, visiting the many Lakes, doing some hiking, going to the fair or the many local music opportunities, Collierville has many attractions that make it a great tourist destination.


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