Curry Todd: Rotarian

Curry Todd as a member of the Collierville rotary Club has worked and donated to many local services and charities. The Collierville Rotary Club is one of the largest in the area and holds true to its mission to help its community. The Collierville Rotary Club has been around since 1935 and since that time has been an integral part of the community sponsoring many events and helping to keep Collierville moving forward.

Curry Todd knows that the Collierville Rotary Club is proud of its association with Rotary International. Rotary International works to bring together leaders from all walks of life to help provide humanitarian services, help build peace and goodwill all over the world, and encourage & promote high ethical standards. Rotary International is dedicated to its primary motto of “Service above Self.”

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

Curry Todd could point out that the rotary Club began in Chicago in 1905, and the original name came from the practice of rotating the meeting place between the offices of the original members. However, the club grew so fast that it soon became impractical. Today one of the central pieces of Rotary Clubs is the practice of meeting weekly.

Curry Todd knows that everything that Rotarians do is ideally based on a four-way test that considers 4 main questions. The questions are: Is it the Truth? Is it fair to all Concerned? Will it Build Goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? If the thought, action or words agree with the four-way test then the thought action or words are in line with the Rotarian spirit. According to Rotarians, if they do not then the thought action or words need to be changed until they are in line with the four-way test.


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