Curry Todd supports the Memphis Zoological Society

Curry Todd is a big supporter of the Memphis Zoological Society. The Memphis Zoological Society started as the Memphis Zoo Association in an attempt to raise funds to provide for animals for the (at the time) newly established zoo. Curry Todd understands that the name was changed, and the society incorporated in 1910 as the Memphis Zoological Society.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd


The Memphis Zoo has had a long history of great community support. In 1906, the Memphis Zoo Association held a baseball game. It was the associations first-fundraising event and the raised, in 1906, $3,628. That was a really impressive sum at the time. The money was used to build concrete bear dens as well as 23 basic cages. Over the next few years, many more buildings were completed

Curry Todd knows the Memphis Zoological Society, in 1986 created a master plan for the zoo. The zoo is now one of the most visited attractions in the city and the Zoo’s conservation programs are global in reach. The Zoo has been voted, on two independent studies to be the top zoo in the country.

Curry Todd knows that, throughout most of the year, the Zoo is open for free admission to residents of the state, on Tuesdays. Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult with ID after 2pm. This is a great time for Parents to take their kids to the Zoo, and it is a nice way for the Zoo to say thank you for the continual community support.



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