Curry Todd and the Wolf River Conservancy

Curry Todd is a big supporter of the Wolf River Conservancy in Memphis Tennessee. The Wolf River Conservancy came about almost 30 years ago when a new gravel mine was proposed along the Wolf River in Memphis. The friends who came together were successful and after their success they knew they needed to protect it in the future as well. So they began a non-profit called Wolf River Conservancy that is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the land.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

Since that auspicious beginning in 1985, the Wolf River Conservancy has continued to expand what its staff, resources, membership, and mission. It now has helped to protect 18,000 acres in the Wolf River area. Some of the continued conservation they have accomplished are protecting the Ghost River State Natural Area. This area is named after the way the river seems to disappear because it is flowing through marshes and swamps.

Curry Todd also knows that the Wolf River Conservancy has fulfilled one of the missions that the original members of the Wolf River Conservancy envisioned. The Conservancy launched the Wolf River Greenway Project in 2010; six years after the plans had been completed. The Wolf River Conservancy envisions the Wolf River Greenways a corridor of protected green space. They would like to see a paved pathway along the river that is not for motorized traffic. They envision a total length of the project at 30 miles. The next phase of the project is on hold at the moment because completion of each step depends largely on acquiring the land and fundraising efforts.


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