Curry Todd: A Distinguished Political Career

Curry Todd was first elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 1998 and has represented the State’s ninety-fifth district in the House’s 101st through 108th General Assemblies. He has had a distinguished political career, highlighted with his recognition as Legislator of the Year by the FedEx Forum in 2009, and by the Tennessee Association of Elected Officials in 2010. The Tennessee Parent Teacher Association presented him with a Lifetime Achievement award in 2006.

Curry Todd has also been a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a nonpartisan organization that promotes limited government, free and open markets, and Federalism at the state level. The Council, known as ALEC, works to advance these ends through a private and public partnership of state legislators nationwide, members of the private sector, and of the general public.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

ALEC has its origins in the early 1970s, with the creation of an association for people who believed that the most effective government is one that is closest to the people. Such a government, they believe, is more just and a better guarantor of freedom than a large Federal bureaucracy.

Early members of ALEC included Robert Kasten and Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin, John Engler of Michigan, Terry Brandstad of Iowa, and John Kasich of Ohio. As Curry Todd knows, each of these original members went on to become either governors of their respective states, or members of Congress.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, after the end of the Reagan administration, ALEC tasks forces that had previously developed strategies surrounding single issues began shift into freestanding think tanks, and soliciting input from members of the private sector. Today, ALEC members say they have advanced Jeffersonian principles in state legislatures across the country.

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