Curry Todd: Law Enforcement Issues

Curry Todd is a State Representative in Tennessee, representing the Ninety-fifth District in the Tennessee House of Representatives since 1998.He is also a former Memphis Police Officer who has been involved with many law enforcement issues since entering state politics. He worked to improve the effectiveness of police officers after he was appointed by former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander to develop, plan and implement uniform standards of employment, training and certification for officers in Tennessee.

Curry Todd

He was elected by the Peace Officers Standard Training Commission, or POST, to develop and implement legislation with the Tennessee General Assembly, which he did from 1981 to 1987.

Curry Todd also served as the Chair of a subcommittee on neighborhood crime prevention. He was a legislative liaison for the Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police for five years, beginning in 1982, and the legislative liaison and lobbyist for the Memphis Police Department and Memphis Police Association from 1976 to 1988.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

As a former police officer and longtime advocate for issues pertaining to law enforcement, the Memphis Police Association is especially close to Curry Todd’s heart. The Association promotes the integrity and professionalism of its members, and emphasizes that police officers are, when all is said and done, taxpaying citizens like everyone else, who want to see their tax dollars put to good use.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

Curry Todd is confident that the Memphis Police Association value the superior police protection they provide to the city and its citizens, and are committed to providing superior police protection to the Memphis community.

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