Curry Todd: Member of the Hall

Curry Todd was an outstanding high school basketball player. The longtime member of the Tennessee House of Representatives played for the Treadwell High School Eagles basketball team in Memphis, where he was named to the All-Memphis Basketball team for four consecutive years and voted the Tennessee Player of the Year.

His on-court abilities have earned Curry Todd a place in the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. The Tennessee Hall of Fame features notable sports figures from every sport, including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf, track and field, and even rafting. Members of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame share a fairly elite honor: there are only about five hundred honorees and inductees in the hall, which was officially created twenty years ago when Tennessee lawmakers unanimously passed the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame Act of 1994, four years before Curry Todd was voted into office as a State Representative.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

As a former elite high school athlete, Curry Todd understands the mission of the hall, which considers organizes sports to reflect the highest ideals of an organized society. Sports promote the virtues of competition and fair play in addition to health and well-being. Sports also promote friendship, solidarity, a mutual understanding and respect for the dignity of others. As Curry Todd points out, these ideals and principles are the same ones that are written into the Olympic Charter.

The Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, as Curry Todd knows from firsthand experience, focuses its attention on educational goals. The Hall is built on the premise that the lessons sports have to teach young people have a long-lasting and tremendous impact on society, and Curry Todd is proud and honored to be one of its members.


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