Serving the Community

Curry Todd is a state representative to Tennessee, and his service to the state offers a wide range of experience and insight to help make sure the people’s voice is heard. Todd has dedicated himself and his career to proper representation of the masses in the state government level. Thanks to Todd’s unabashed commitment to excellence, as well as a fortitude and inner strength that many would be envious of, Todd has been making waves as a representative of the state, and become a favorite among locals as well as other patriots from all over the nation. Todd has experienced much success during his time in office.

Curry Todd - State Representative

Curry Todd

Todd says that this very success is nothing special, and simply a result of him dedicating himself to the people’s voice. Todd’s passion and political fervor is one that is truly humbling to see in action, as most of Todd’s peers would attest to. Though politics can often be a frustrating and stressful field, Todd says that all of the struggles are for a noble cause, and each success is worth ten failures. Todd says that in the future he only hopes to raise awareness about government policies.

Curry Todd is not just a politician and retired policeman, but a businessman as well, something that many do not know about him. In 1978 Todd opened his Safe Door and Security company, one dedicated to providing safety systems and alarms to families. Todd’s experience as a businessman helped him get a better understanding of financing and economics, something that would come in handy when he later became involved in the political arena. Todd recommends owning a business to anyone who aspires to politics.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

As a southerner, Curry Todd is a man who puts the needs and ideals of the American family first. Todd says that this country was built and founded upon the backs of the working class family man, and that their needs and compulsions should be put first in the political arena. Todd says that the government was first designed to help uphold family values and tradition, and protect the working class, something it has forgotten over the many years since is first installment. Men like Todd are working hard to remind everyone of that purpose, and say that they can simply take it one step at a time and hope for the best outcome.


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