Curry Todd: A Dedicated Professional

As a state representative of Tennessee, Curry Todd takes his job as a voice of the people very seriously. Todd says that the key to good representation is to be fastidious, to work deliberately to make sure that no voice is silenced by another, and all ideas, wants, and needs are heard and facilitated when possible. Todd says that the calling of his office is simple, to serve as a microphone of the people. Todd simply acts as a way to amplify the cries of the community in the state government, addressing issues such as educational policy and tax regulation. Todd is truly a man of the people.

Todd has held many government based positions during his long and impressive career. Among those positions was his time as an officer at the Memphis Police Department. Todd spent sixteen years with the Memphis Police Department before retiring. During Todd’s time as an officer, he began to learn the ins and outs of government operation, as well as develop an intimacy with several neighborhoods on his old beat. It was Todd’s time in service as a policeman that helped him to understand the needs of a community, and become a good representative of the state.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

Curry Todd is a state representative to Tennessee, and as such his service to the state offers a wide range of experience and insight to help make sure the people’s voice is heard. Todd has dedicated himself and his career to proper representation of the masses in the state government level. Thanks to Todd’s unabashed commitment to excellence, as well as a fortitude and inner strength that many would be envious of, Todd has been making waves as a representative of the state, and become a favorite among locals as well as other patriots from all over the nation. Todd’s job for the past sixteen years has been one not of glory and glamour, but of hard work, patience and discipline.

Though many think the world of politics is full of intrigue, scandal, and excitement, Todd says that this is a common misconception, one that can’t be further from the truth. Todd says that the only real way to make headway for policies in real politics requires patience and due diligence. Todd says the real work is done by getting a collective group of people together to vote for an issue they believe in.


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