Curry Todd, Tennessee State Representative and former Memphis police officer

Curry Todd is a native of Tennessee and he serves the state’s 95th Representative District in the Tennessee House of Representatives.  He was first elected to this position in 1998.  He is also a former Memphis police officer.  The Memphis Police Department is one that is selective and its members serve with pride and distinction.  During Todd’s tenure at the police department, he received a number of accolades and positions of merit.

As a state representative, Curry Todd has gained acclaim as a committee member on a number of significant tasks and has sponsored and co-sponsored countless bills serving the people of his district.

curry todd

Curry Todd has a deep, and rich history that is inexorably tied to the state.  In his early days, he was as a high school standout athlete in the sport of basketball – recognized for his excellence and named the Tennessee High School Athlete of the Year at one point.  He later had his jersey retired at that school.  He later played at the University of Memphis, graduating from this institution and embarking a venture as a successful business owner.  After that he joined and excelled in the Memphis Police Department, beginning his public service.   Curry Todd rose to represent law enforcement to the state legislature as a lobbyist and liaison between the two.

Curry Todd was first elected in 1998.  He has been re-elected to the office of State Representative an outstanding eight times and has served the district well over the years.

Curry Todd is involved in the community through a number of causes and associations locally and beyond.  He is a supporter of the National Rifle Association, the Republican Women of Purpose, the Fisherville Civic Club, the Memphis Zoological Society, the East Shelby County Republican Club, the Republican Women of Purpose, the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, and many more.   Curry Todd’s background as a former police officer, public servant, standout student athlete and state legislator set the stage for his contributions to Tennessee.


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