Curry Todd: Teamwork is the Key

As an ex-policeman and a representative to the people of Tennessee, Curry Todd has always concerned himself with the safety of the community, and his fellow man as a whole. It came to many as no surprise then when Todd opened up his own security company titled Todd’s Safe Door and Security. Using Todd’s acquired knowledge and experience from being a career policeman, Todd runs a top notch security service that covers nearly all of the potential threats that can arise, from car theft to breaking and entering, Todd’s Safe Door and Security is dedicated to keeping you safe.

Todd also served the Memphis Police Department, and says that being part of a team of men and women who dedicate themselves to the community was truly an honor. Todd spent sixteen years with the well known Memphis Police Department, being a positive influence both to the community and the station. Todd was seen as somewhat of a mentor and role model during his time with the department, and many of his peers and friends looked up to him as a model citizen. It was through their suggesting Todd later pursued a career in politics.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd is a man who knows how to commit to something, never hesitating to do what needs to be done. While some are whimsical, and grow bored easily, flipping from one occupation to another, when Todd picks a profession, he sticks to it. This was apparent while Todd was a member of the Memphis Police Department, where he spent sixteen years until finally retiring to pursue a career in politics. To date, that career has been just as storied, and Todd has already spent nearly seventeen years in politics to this day, and that is only the beginning. Todd says he found his calling in politics, and hopes to serve for many years to come.

As a result, Curry Todd is no stranger to fighting in the proverbial trenches that is our local and state government system. Todd has helped lead many expensive and extensive political campaigns throughout his impressive career. Todd says the key to a successful political campaign starts with a noble intention and a good candidate, and hinges upon the hard work and commitment of everyone involved in the campaign. Team work, Todd says, is always the key.

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