Curry Todd – From Prep Athlete to State Legislator

Curry Todd is a Tennessee native that rose from his beginnings as one of the state’s most heralded prep athletes to where he is today as a State Representative for the 95th district of Tennessee.  In this role, Curry Todd has served the people of that district before the Tennessee State House of Representatives with distinction.

Todd is a former Memphis police officer and former business owner.  His experiences in public and private life have helped him throughout his sixteen year history in the role of a state legislator. Curry Todd has participated in a number of notable committees and sponsored countless important bills.

Curry Todd - State Legislator

As a prep basketball star, he was honored by being inducted into the Tennessee Amateur Sports Hall of Fame, having his number retired by the school, and was once named the Tennessee Athlete of the Year.  He continued his athletic career at the University of Memphis, where he graduated and launched his career.  Today, Todd Curry has the history of having been at the heart of critical legislation and committee bodies for his entire career.

 As a former business owner, a proud father and a proud graduate of the University of Tennessee, Curry Todd serves his community with pride.  Todd is a valued part of the community, and is a supporter and participant of numerous associations and causes across the spectrum.  He has contributed his efforts as a public speaker, as a participant in various community activities, and has contributed financially in support of a number of causes over the years.

Find Curry Todd on Vimeo:-


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