Tennessee State Representative Curry Todd – A Career

Curry Todd is a native of Tennessee, born in town of Juno.  Over the years, he has lived and served in Tennessee as a business owner, Memphis police officer, and state legislator.  Todd was a standout prep athlete and carried on his athletic career at the college level.  He was once voted High School athlete of the year for his prowess and achievements in the sport of basketball.

That athletic career gained him a retirement of his jersey and he was courted by various university basketball programs.  He chose to remain in his home state, choosing the University of Memphis to continue his playing career.  This career earned him induction into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.  This is a cause he continues to support to this day.  Curry Todd is a proud father and civic employee.

Curry Todd

Curry Todd

Todd’s career launched from there, as he owned a successful business for some time, but then entered into the realm of public service as an officer of the law in the great city of Memphis.  He was noted for his outstanding service in this role, with a number of accolades and appointments to follow.  The highest of these responsibilities led to assignments in police training, legislation, and a role as a liaison and lobbyist for the law enforcement group.   From there, the foundation was set for his election to the position of State Legislator in 1998.  Since that time he has served the 95th State Representative District with distinction before the Tennessee State House of Representatives.

Curry Todd has the distinction of authoring a number of significant bills and co-authoring many others throughout the years.  Curry Todd has also participated in a numerous significant committees throughout his tenure.   Todd enjoys serving the community and participates in a number of causes like the National Rifle Association, the Shelby County Republican Women, the Shelby County Conservative Republican Club, the Republican Women of Purpose, the Memphis Zoological Society, the University of Memphis, Society, Inc. Board of Directors and many more.   Curry Todd continues serve his state and district with distinction and functions within the community as a respected leader and public servant.

Find Curry Todd on Vimeo:- http://vimeo.com/currytodd


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