Curry Todd: A Police Man

Curry Todd has a long history of serving and protecting the community, of concerning himself with the well being of not just himself, but everyone around him. Though Curry now services the community behind a desk as a politician and representative of the good people of Tennessee, he once served in a more direct way, walking up and down the beat of the streets as a police officer, upholding justice and serving the peace in a more direct way. Curry says that his time as a police officer was very valuable as experience for his transition into politics, as it helped him get well acquainted with how a community functions, as well as the thoughts and ideas of the people that make up those communities. It was through police work that Curry learned the best way to find out people’s opinions, wants, and needs, was simply to ask yourself, and put yourself among the people, getting out instead of sitting behind a desk expecting all the feedback to come to you. Curry says that in his experience it is the proactive politician who best represents the opinions of his community and the people around him, something he never would have learned had he not served as a police man many years ago.

Curry Todd says that being a police man is one of the best ways that someone can service their community, as you are the safety net that helps them sleep at night. Curry says that the world can unfortunately be a very hostile and dangerous place, which is why officials and enforcers such as police officers should be admired and respected, as they endanger themselves so that others can rest easy.


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