Curry Todd: Political Campaign Managing

Curry Todd is an official representative and politician for the Republican party in Tennessee, and has dedicated himself fully to his political career for many years now. Over the course of this illustrious career Curry has begun to accumulate a vast amount of skill sets and knowledge of the complex animal that is politics in America. Though many understand the basic lattice work and frame of how government works in America, many do not understand how it truly works day to day, and the practical applications that allow all of the magic in Washington to happen. Curry says that the key to winning over a community is to keep them actively involved in this process, to show them that the strange and enigmatic political machine is actually quite simple and very accessible. Curry says in order to do this you have to keep them in tune with political campaigns, something that he has been managing for many years. Curry first had a difficult time with all of the budgeting and planning that came with hosting a political campaign, focusing more on its individual success for a certain candidate or policy that they were striving for at the time. It wasn’t until much later that Curry saw the bigger picture, realizing that each campaign was a smaller part of the true campaign that lobbied only for awareness about policies and Republican opinion.

Curry Todd says that political campaigns aren’t just about winning at the next election, but about building a base of supporters and like minded individuals that are likely to support you when the next election comes as well. Curry says when you have earned the people’s trust, that is when you both can work together to make a real impact in the world.


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