Curry Todd: A Family Man

Curry Todd is a representative of the Republican party in Tennessee, and has been for many years, helping to enact many excellent policies over the years. Curry has won much of his favor due to his honesty and integrity, as well as his commitment to the little people. Curry says that he understands the middle class because he himself came from it. Curry says that people have always flocked to him not because of some talent or political gift, but because he is just like them, and the relate to him on such a level that they are able to trust him in Washington with their wants and needs. Curry attributes this to being a family man, someone who knows the importance of family. Curry says that no one without children should be a politician, as children help teach the patience, understanding, and virtues necessary to be a good politician representative for your people. Curry says that the family is the first real government, and that learning it on a small scale has helped him understand the body of government on a whole much better. Curry also says that family values are what inspire him to continue trying to improve the system itself, so he can provide a better future for his own.

Curry Todd says that a man who doesn’t put his family first has his priorities mixed up, and that eventually he will regret it. Curry believes that family provides the necessary nourishment for someone to do well in the world, as it nourishes both the mind and the body by giving you a support system to rely on.


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