Curry Todd: A Business Owner

Curry Todd has had many interesting and life changing experiences over the course of his life, all that have helped attribute to molding him into the man he is today, an exceptional man as many would say. Curry Todd may now currently serve as a politician and representative of the Republican party in Tennessee, but wasn’t always doing so, and lived quite a normal life before that. One of Curry’s personal undertakings of note was when he became a private business owner.  In 1978, Curry opened his Safe Door and Security company, one that was dedicated to keeping people safe and comfortable in their own home. Curry has always been very conscientious about safety, especially when it comes to the home, as he believes it is the right of any person to be able to defend themselves in the case of a home invasion. Curry says that as a police officer he had seen far too many invasions and burglaries, crimes of that nature that could have been prevented had the proper security measures and precautions been taken. It is these experiences that prompted Curry to open his own security business, so that he could offer aid and peace of mind to the community, something he was already very experienced at.

Curry Todd says that running his own business was very analogous to being a part of the political machine today, and managing the many voices of the community. Curry says that learning to individually micro manage each employee, taking into account their own personal needs as well as the collective needs of the company helped him down the road to better understand the political entity that he deals with daily now.


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