Curry Todd: Doing What is Right

Curry Todd is a political representative of the government of the State of Tennessee, and has dedicated himself to the political machine for many years, becoming a true expert. Curry has always focused on going above and beyond the call of duty to assure that justice is being done. Above all Curry pledged to himself a long time ago that he would always do the right thing, even if it was also the most difficult thing to do as well. Curry says that the hardest road is often the right one in fact, but also the most rewarding. This is especially true in the world of politics, where even the most basic and simplistic, unobtrusive legislation can take years just to be seen, and many more to be passed, and usually isn’t done without many alterations and compromises as well. Curry says that often bills pass through so many different hands and different suggestions that by the end they are something completely unrecognizable, and entirely different. Curry says that this is the problem with politics today, and that we need to focus more on doing what is right, rather than doing what is in the interest of each individual party.

Curry Todd says that though doing the right thing can often be difficult and obscure, that if one looks hard enough, the right thing always makes itself known. Curry says that all politicians should operate under this simple principle, remembering that their main purpose is to serve the people and the community, impacting the world in a meaningful and beneficial way. Curry says that it is this kind of altruism that is the future of politics.


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